Una Eversham-Bland could often be seen
Walking on pavements while glued to a screen.
Addicted to headphones and smartphone technology,
She bumped into people without an apology.
Completely oblivious to what she had done,
She never stopped typing with finger and thumb.

All warnings to Una were wholly unheeded,
For Una’s proclivities could not be impeded.
Onwards she wandered intent on her phone,
Through parks and a busy pedestrian zone.
Hitting a child and a rushing commuter,
Tutting and glaring when people rebuked her.

One day Una wanted to cross a wide street,
Through six lanes of traffic, a foolhardy feat!
She didn’t look up at the green traffic light,
And gave some poor drivers a terrible fright.
Quite deaf to the hoots and vehicular shunts,
She made it across without looking up once.

Her mother was worried and often opined,
That youngsters on pavements were far too inclined
To check their new messages, news feed or tweets,
Not just when on paths but when crossing the streets.
She warned of the rapid statistical rise
In accidents causing pedestrians’ demise.

But Una just mumbled, as always absorbed
(Despite often looking incredibly bored)
In makeup reviews and cute photos of dogs,
Or selfies with friends and celebrity blogs.
Her mother despaired of her zombie-like child,
Whose phone was a curse that she rightly reviled.

Then one day in June, Una’s luck would run out,
Her music so loud she did not hear the shout.
If only she hadn’t been quite so engrossed
In writing another ridiculous post!
But Una, not seeing the danger ahead,
Fell into a drain and split open her head.

Since then Una’s vision has not been the same,
And using her phone causes terrible pain.
So Una’s enrolled on a mindfulness course,
To live in the moment, which many endorse.
In short, she prefers to be part of society,
Not virtual, but real, as it has more variety.

She hasn’t abandoned her iPhone of course,
It has far more uses than social discourse.
But Una is no more a slave to her screen;
A much more conversant and happier teen.
She looks where she’s going when crossing the street,
And checks every pavement for holes at her feet.

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