The illustrations in this book are all done by the fantastic Deborah Panesar, a freelance artist and illustrator I met through a chance recommendation from my erstwhile yoga teacher. Which doesn’t get much more random.

As soon as I saw Deborah’s work, I knew her style was a perfect fit. I found her illustrations other-worldly, slightly dark, and decidedly ‘different’.  We soon arranged a meeting in my favourite coffee shop/brunch hangout, Fika in Oakham, and the rest, as they say, is history.

In the weeks that followed, Deborah quickly created pencil roughs for each story and began the Herculean task of turning those roughs into fully illustrated spreads. I was (and am) staggered by her speed and unwavering commitment to the project – all the more remarkable given the demands of Deborah’s young (and soon to be expanding) family. The almost complete absence of edits and rework is testament to how attuned our vision to the book was.

Please do have a look at Deborah’s website and Etsy shop. As well as a range of beautiful products and surface designs, Deborah is available for private commissions. I cannot recommend her enough, but I suspect the illustrations in my book will do the talking…


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