I wrote these tales in rhyming couplets because I really wanted them to be read out loud. I’m not sure what it is about rhyming verse that I like so much, but it’s fun – not only for the audience, but for the reader as well.

In an ideal world, I’d have these tales read by my favourite narrators; people like Stephen Fry, Martin Jarvis, Michael Palin, Glenda Jackson, Jane Asher, Dame Emma Thompson, Dame Julie Walters, Tom Conti.  

However, because they have no idea this book exists, and I couldn’t afford their fees even if they did, you’re stuck with my own dulcet tones. However, with the addition of a sound effect here and there and a rudimentary recording booth, I hope these sample recordings are passable. If nothing else, they may give you an idea of what a proper audiobook could sound like. If done properly.

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