I was born in 1973, and grew up in Gretton, a smallish village in north Northamptonshire. As the youngest of four by a sizeable margin, I was generally left to my own devices. It was a wonderfully unregulated and uncomplicated existence. 

After the usual treadmill of school, exams and university, I escaped to London in my twenties and thirties to escape the boredom and social death of life in a small village. Unsure of what to do with a history degree, I pursued a career in law that I thought I would enjoy, but mostly hated. Parting company with the legal profession a few years after qualifying, I side-stepped into management consultancy and eventually gravitated towards the obscure Dark Art of internal communications. I set up my own consultancy in 2009.   

As I grew older and less tolerant of people, hangovers and noise, I moved to Rutland in 2011. I now live in a peaceful village with my wife Saskia, my children, Ben and Grace, and a cat called Myla, who is quite possibly the reincarnation of my late mother. My current claim to fame is that I recently appeared on Gardeners’ World and heard Monty Don speak my name.

When not building things for my children or fixing things that my children have destroyed, I spend my remaining free time gardening, hillwalking, taking photographs or generally ‘tinkering’ in my study. This latter activity seems to occupy an increasingly large part of my leisure time. I also have an unhealthy fixation with fancy dress, which I blame on my parents (who both loved amateur dramatics).

Getting a great night’s sleep continues to be one of my main life goals.