Approaching agents and illustrators…

It’s always slightly terrifying giving your work to professionals.  It’s one thing to tell yourself that your writing is good, or for family and friends to offer flattery and praise (however sincere), but it’s another altogether to send it to people you don’t know…

So far, I’ve only approached two agents – one in the US, one in the UK.  The UK people have given me a polite no, and so far, nothing from the agent across the pond.  I’m putting a list together of possible agents and publishers and will continue to write pleading missives over the coming weeks and months.

Much more exciting is the fact that a very talented and internationally-renowned illustrator has agreed to have a look at my stories with a view to perhaps *crossing fingers* becoming involved in the project.  It’s a huge long shot, but you never know.  If he did agree to help, it would probably be the most exciting thing to happen.  Ever.  Even some good advice and pointers would be a bonus. Many thanks to my good friend John Knight for the introduction.

Meanwhile, the prospect of normal paying consultancy work has led to a brief hiatus in my output, but I hope to remedy that this week with at least two more stories.  Wish me luck!

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