Prue was a child who was haughty and vain,
Her face was a picture of snobbish disdain,
A trait she acquired from a distant relation
(Who back in the day had been quite a sensation).
Aunt Scarlett bought Prue such extravagant things,
Like clothes from Armani and Tiffany rings.

“No outfits from Tesco or second hand toys,
For flaunting your labels is one of life’s joys.”
Her aunt reassured her, “It’s sort of a sport.”
(Another ‘life lesson’ Aunt Scarlett had taught)!
“It shows you have breeding, a sign of your status,
Those poor common people, no wonder they hate us!”

Her mother and father sat down with their daughter
To try and undo what Aunt Scarlett had taught her.
They showed her that labels were largely a sham,
A way to hike prices, a marketing scam!
While some brands were worth it and certainly finer,
Most things were produced in the same part of China.

Her parents’ good sense led to tantrums and tears,
The girl was determined to outdo her peers.
Her aunt’s inculcation had been unremitting,
And Prue had responded, completely unwitting
As Aunt Scarlett told her the things she would need,
Reflecting her aunt’s predilection for greed.

Christmas and birthdays became an ordeal
For both of Prue’s parents, who started to feel
That nothing they bought for their daughter would do,
She’d be disappointed, a fact that they knew
Was down to Prue’s aunt and her excessive spending,
They told her to stop, but it seemed never ending!

Then one day Aunt Scarlett’s excess caused a rift,
A shopping excursion to look for a gift.
She’d taken young Prue down to Selfridge’s sale,
They queued up for hours in the midst of a gale.
And what, you may ask, were they hoping to snag?
Some shoes by Manolo with matching handbag.

At last the doors opened, a stampede ensued,
“But we were here first, oh how horribly rude!”
Complained Prue quite loudly as people pushed past,
“We stood there for ages and now we’re in last!”
Aunt Scarlett was punched as she fought for a skirt,
And Prue had been trampled and seriously hurt.

As Prue lay in bandages, badly concussed,
The thought of the brawl filled the girl with disgust.
How stupid to fight over something you wear,
She said to herself, and resolved not to care.
For labels, designers and adverts for stuff,
Can make you forget that enough is enough.

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